BNW: Crescent City

From the ashes of Chicago and the devastation of the Bicentennial Battle grew the jewel of America – Crescent City.

A real life City of Tomorrow, Crescent City is the place to see and be seen, to make fortunes, meet the minds behind the marvels of the modern world, and stand at the precipice of the American Dream.

The year is 2012. President Kennedy is dead and President Jack Rutledge has taken the reigns of this great nation. Some see him as the loyal successor, sure to continue the policies of the Kennedy Administration, while others look at him as a chance to correct the mistakes of the past. An honest-to-God chance to maybe, just maybe, return the Bill of Rights to the people.

But the White House is a long way from Crescent City and being an unregistered Delta remains illegal.

Still, there’s a change in winds and if the America our Founders envisioned is to make a comeback Crescent City is the place to make it happen. If the greatest city the world has ever seen could arise from the ashes of the Bicentennial Battle, the greatest force for freedom the world has ever seen can arise from the ashes of the Kennedy Administration.

So, what’s is gonna be, hero? You gonna make Delta’s everywhere proud and do your part to convince the President to repeal the Delta Registration Act? Or are you gonna take this changing of the guard as an opportunity to cement your future by any means necessary?

The future is yours.

God Bless America.

Brave New World: Crescent City

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